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Let Cybermail Marketing help you increase your subscriber base. Acquiring interested, opt-in subscribers is key to your email marketing success. But, how to do that is the question. There are correct and incorrect ways to gather subscribers. This is where Cybermail Marketing can make a real difference. Doing it right or doing it wrong has its consequences.

Doing it yourself runs the risk of sending out spam that will be blocked and be subject to “SPAM complaints” at AOL. That will earn you a position on their “black list.” Cybermail Marketing will work with you so that your email will land in the “In Box” and not the “Junk Email” folder.

List building is the foundation of your investment in email marketing. We recommend that rather than thinking “list,” think “subscribers.” They are your special customers who want to build a relationship with you.

Things to know about email marketing.

Legitimate email marketing has these characteristics-
The recipient requested it
The email arrives in a timely manner
The email is relevant to the needs of the recipient
The email allows the recipient to quickly grasp who sent it and what it’s about
The recipient can easily stop getting the email at any time

When is it SPAM, and not email marketing?
If you receive an email and you answer,”No” to any of these points then it is SPAM
Did you ask to receive it?
Do you know the sender?
Is the subject line is clear and straight forward?
Do you have any interest in the content?
Is there a way to get the sender to stop sending you the email?

But how do you progress from having few subscribers to having a growing and connected subscriber list?
There are lot of fun and inexpensive ways to do that.
Let us share with you a case study of one of our client’s experiences. Once you read about Paradise Pen’s email marketing adventures you’ll better understand the subtle value of partnering with experts like Cybermail Marketing to transform your digital marketing.

Paradise Pen Case Study Page – Click Here.

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