Some thoughts on retirement…

My wife is retiring in a month or so.  I slipped into “semi-retirement” a couple years ago.  Have you thought about your retirement? My wife found a book about retirement that reminded her that she probably still has twenty or thirty years ahead of her and that she should plan for it.  We did all the financial stuff a long time ago and feel pretty comfortable about that part of retirement.  But now what?  We have developed a list of the things we like to do and have done in the past.  We developed a list of things we’d like to do in the future.  We even have a “bucket list” (though she doesn’t like to call it that) of places we would like to visit.


Of the people we know who are our age many have looked for part-time work to help keep them active.  Some have volunteered to be docents at the local museum, assistants at the local library, volunteers at the local hospital.  One retired doctor I know volunteers to help children learn to read.  I guess you can volunteer to help at the local grade school or high school.  All my life I had this vision of first making sure my finances were solid, then offering my services and talents to help others.


If you have kept up with me at all you know I found “Loving Hugs, Inc.” (See: ) It provides “hugs” in the form of stuffed toys to children around the world who otherwise live in a pretty brutal world.  A lifetime ago, in another world, I was to a much lesser degree just such a child.  I was in a home for boys for about a year and a half when I was in the 4th grade.  It was run by well-intended nuns who looked upon us and their work as the sacrifice they had to endure in order to go to heaven.  We felt it too.  There is no feeling on earth like feeling you are being endured.


My vocation and avocation these days is to help folks set up their email marketing program and teach them all I know from a decade of study and experience.  I found that I can do that for a modest fee and thus provide a service that capitalizes on my talents, while doing some good.  My marketing challenge is as always, to prove to others that I am worth the money and email marketing is not a “do-it-yourself-trial-and-error” project.  I have enough clients to keep me as busy as I want to be while giving me the time to do the things on my “bucket list.”  …and that works for me!

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Loving Hugs, Inc. ~ My New Cause!

Wendy Clark with her "Loving Hugs"

I found the “cause” that I have been looking for.  You may remember me telling you that I have been looking for a cause to promote?  Well, here it is:

Loving Hugs, Inc. was founded by Wendy Clark a few years ago to try to put a smile on the faces of children who have to grow up in unbelievable circumstances.  She gives donated stuffed toys to children in refugee camps, to disaster victims (like earthquake and flood), and to orphans all around the world.  Loving Hugs is non-denominational, apolitical, and totally non-governmental.  It doesn’t replace anything that the local government should be doing or that big international relief organizations are doing.  Ok, she does get some help with distribution from the U.S. Air Force and Navy.  She’s received donations from Girl Scout Troops, some community and church groups, and people who just wanted to do something.  She has no paid employees and uses donations to cover her storage, shipping and packaging costs.

The best part for me is that she has accepted my help doing the thing I enjoy most…email and social network marketing.  Of course, I love giving and receiving hugs too..

Find her at or Facebook at:

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Are you QR Coded yet?

Have you seen those square code boxes all over the place?  Wondered what they were?  They are called QR Code (Quick Reference).   I got this from Constant Contact’s “Social Media Starter” information.


Read more Social Media Starter.

Here’s how you do it::

Step 1

Pick a code generator website. Most QR Code generators are free to use and fast to set up.

Here are three popular free sites:


We’re going to walk you through the steps of setting up a QR Code on

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5


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How to “Go Viral!”

Have you ever seen the TV series “America’s go talent?”  Well, there are a number of versions of that throughout the free world. Here is an example of talent going viral.   His name is Sung-Bong Choi. 

Sung Bong

Watch him on YouTube!

If you can develop something with the emotional appeal of this video, it will go viral. Grab a tissue and watch the YouTube video.

I was once on a committee that gave advice to a state level tourism office board of directors.  The people on the board were supposed to be the top in their industry.  The people on the advisory committee were supposed to be tops in their field.  What they tried to do was create a campaign that would go viral and bring a lot of tourists to the state.  It cost a lot of money and took six months to create.  But to my mind, it had minimum success.  It lacked credibility and genuine passion.  The example of Sung Bong shows great passion motivating talent.  There has to be a lesson to be learned there somewhere.

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How to get to 25 FACEBOOK Page “likes” and a vanity URL

How much fun is this?  A few days ago I was looking at my really cool Facebook page with only 9 “likes” on it.  It had been that way for quite some time and I didn’t know how to get more attention without buying ads.  So I went to every group I am a member of on Linked In.  I asked the question “What would it take for every member of the group to “like” the Facebook page of every other member?” I promised that if anyone “liked” my page, I’d “like” theirs.  Within a week I have more than 25 “likes” and can now go for a “vanity” URL.  How cool is that?

An even more significant result was that I was able to be connected with these folks on Linked In.  Finally, one of the best results was that these new friends were all great resources and prospects.  We are of like mind in our openness to communicate with the other members of the group.

It only worked with a couple of the 28 or more groups I belong to.  But, when it worked, it worked well.  Ho hum, some groups just won’t think in these terms.  But for the ones that do, it is great!

Now you can find me at:

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Toxic Levels of Discussions

I think I found a “burn out” factor in Linked In and Facebook Groups.  I call it “Toxic Levels of Discussions.”



One of the groups I was posting to in Linked In asked me not to start so many “commercial” discussions in their group.  I was thinking I was being generic enough about the topic ant anyone would like to hear about it.  (OK, all I ever talk about is broadcast email marketing, social networking, and blogging.)  Since the group was organized to discuss something else, I was off topic.

Well, of course, I don’t mean to offend, but my point is that I didn’t realize that I really was getting too thick on the group discussion board.  I realized that there was so little other activity in the group that my normal postings were filling the page.  Oooo.  Not good.  So I went through a deleted my discussions from the group I offended.  Then I went down the list of groups I belong to and found the same situation in a number of them.  So I deleted my postings in them also.

Now I’m looking for groups to join where my discussions about broadcast email marketing, social network marketing,, and blogging would be welcomed.

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IFrames app by Wildfire makes large FACEBOOK graphics possible.

In my pursuit of social networking excellence I came across an app by Wildfire that allows you to build IFrames in a FACEBOOK page.

It is a fantastic app that will allow you to create a welcome page and import large graphics and HTML.

I’ve seen some FACEBOOK pages that have more than one IFram page. So I’m going to have to look into it further.

Look at the new Cybermail Marketing Facebook Page.

It’s an easy app to load and a real kick to the business of marketing on FACEBOOK.

My Facebook wall image


This graphic is 520 pixels wide.

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Yes, this is my new web site.  I’ve decided to use WordPress Blog as a web site and give up my old traditional site.  I still need to add some links and I need to complete populating the pages with important information about Cybermail Marketing and broadcast email marketing.  Let me know how I’m doing.  Did I miss something?  Is there something I need to change?  Thanks for your suggestions!

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Posting Strategies that Encourage Engagement on Facebook

Posting Strategies that Encourage Engagement on Facebook

Brands know they must stay active on their Facebook page, writing posts and encouraging engagement. But there are certain tactics that increase fans’ participation, including using specific words and posting at certain times.

Full Article

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Sharing Content to Show Thought Leadership

Excerpt from eMarketer Daily: APRIL 8, 2011
But content creation can be time- and labor-intensive

Creating, finding and sharing compelling content can prove to consumers that a company knows its territory, is a thought leader in its industry and wants to help customers keep up-to-date on important developments. Marketers are placing an ever-greater emphasis on content marketing’s ability to add value for targets and prospects.

According to February 2011 research from content curation firm HiveFire, nearly half of US marketing professionals surveyed are now curating content as part of their strategy, and another 42% are familiar with the practice but not participating. Even among that group, 85% had done at least some content curation, for example by sending an article or other content to a prospect, but were not aware of it.

The main objectives of content curation, according to the survey, were establishing thought leadership and improving brand buzz.

To read more:

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