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We understand that you have many choices for email marketing tools and partnering.

But, we also know that there is a lot involved in developing a successful digital customer relationship management program.

We’re confident that your investment in Cybermail Marketing will bring many benefits to your organization.

We welcome your contact to learn more about what Cybermail Marketing can do for your company.

When I first got into the world of email marketing, everything I did required that I follow “intuitive” instructions from one web page to another.  Today, there are tutorials and videos to guide you through many of the mechanics of making a beautiful email template.  However, when someone sits down next to you and takes you by the hand, and guides you as you produce your first email, you get a feel for what you are doing.

When you visit with someone who has done it before and knows the “right” and “wrong” way of email marketing you stop making “trial and error” mistakes.  Sometimes those “errors” can be very costly in time and reputation.  Wouldn’t it be nice to do it right the first time and know why you are doing things one way versus another?

Cybermail Marketing charges a flat rate of $250 to guide you through setting up a Constant Contact account, designing your first template, uploading or managing your subscriber list, and sending your first email.  We will even take you into the world of the social networks as a part of that original fee.  After that if you would like more tutoring, we work for $50 an hour.  If you would like to hand over some of the broadcast email marketing functions to us, we’ll be a very inexpensive “partner” or “part time employee.”

Working with us is a “win-win” situation.  You get into email marketing and learn what is necessary and why, and use us as you need us.  No long term contracts.  It’s that simple.

If you have a Constant Contact account and would like a sample template, send us an email to:

or call us.  (303) 619-3987

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