Cybermail Marketing started around 2004 when Ray Higgins, a 20 year print broker, decided that his world was being changed with the development of the World Wide Web.  Taking his education and background in direct mail, he brought himself into the 21st Century and learned all that there was to learn about email marketing.

 …OK, now that you are impressed with our credentials, let’s talk about integrating email marketing into the world of social networks.  You have seen the links embedded in broadcast emails that link to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Did you know that any time you see the little note at the very top of a broadcast email that says “to see this as a web page..” or “Having trouble viewing this email?”    Well, save the URL for that page to create links from the social networks or other emails or from your web page.  You can even use one of the popular short URL services and include your link in Twitter. 

 Why go through the trouble?  You can invite the folks who follow you to sign up to receive your emails.  You can invite anyone who reads your posting to read your emails.  Your emails then invite them to your web page and to sign up to receive your emails.  See how that can grow your subscriber list?  Cool, huh?

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