About Cybermail Marketing

Our clients include sales companies, manufacturers, realtors, associations, public relations firms, small businesses, retailers, shopping centers, and many more.

Cybermail Marketing is really two things.
We’re both a service and personal tutor in email marketing.

The ‘service’ is our partnering with you to provide knowledge and resources to create a truly effective email marketing campaign that will get results and actually be appreciated by your subscribers and provide you with a positive ROI.

The ‘tutorial part’ is instruction on any web-based email marketing system that you currently use to manage your subscriber list and the actual email newsletters that you send. (or we can for you)

Email marketing combined with social networking is just what you need to develop and maintain a 1-to-1 customer or member relationship. One of your primary marketing investments should be in keeping your customers. Email is the most cost effective way to achieve that.

There’s a lot to know about email marketing and the social networks. Cybermail Marketing will show you how to grow your subscriber list and create an email newsletter program that works for you,your subscribers, and your followers in the social networks.

Cybermail Marketing Founder:

Ray Higgins, CEO of Cybermail marketing, has over 25 years of marketing and sales success. He is widely recognized in the Colorado business community for his energy and talent, working with businesses and associations creating innovative marketing programs that really work.
Ray Higgins of Cybermail marketing

Ray Higgings of Cybermail Marketing

Ray understands that marketing is evolving and as customers move into digital living so must marketers. It is no surprise that when introduced to the digital abilities of Exact Target Marketing, Constant Contact, and other ESPs, Ray quickly appreciated where the future of online marketing was headed and partnered with a couple of the major ones.

In the past, Ray has been active with:
Rocky Mountain Shopping Center Association – Executive Director
Tour Colorado – President 2009 and 2010
Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Assoc. – Membership Committee Chair
Fashion Group International Denver Region – Webmaster
Business Marketing Association (BMA)
Colorado Society of Association Executives (CASE) – Membership Committee
Internet Chamber of Commerce – Membership VP, Charter Member

Mr. Higgins has a BA from St.Martin’s University in Olympia Washington and an MSBA from Boston University. He’s a retired Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Field Artillery) and Viet Nam war veteran.

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