Does on-line marketing, especially broadcast email marketing, have a bottom-line affect on brick-and-mortar retailers, especially small or start-up retailers?

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I’ve been in the email marketing business since 2002 and have been preaching the value of doing broadcast email marketing to increase traffic to brick-and-mortar retail locations.  Over the years I have found that some retailers have been successful in orchestrating events and special sales using email marketing as the primary information distribution source.  Other retailers have stopped doing email marketing because it took more time, or money, than they were willing to spend for the results they saw.  I see that a lot in the restaurant industry.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into a restaurant and left without ever being asked to join a special list or sign up for an email program.  Nobody asks me to join the club, receive special offers, or be alerted to special events or occasions.  Restaurateurs have always believed that good food and service is all that is necessary to make a restaurant thrive.  It may be so until another restaurant moves into the neighborhood that does that and more.

My wife and I were in a sporting goods store that had two outlets in the metro area and we bought paddles and balls to play something called “Pickle Ball.”  Again, nobody asked us if we wanted to hear about up-coming events, or anything to do with any of the other sporting supplies they provided.  They will probably do well by us because people often ask us where we bought our supplies and we tell them.  There aren’t many places that have Pickle Ball supplies.  There will be soon, however, and the window of opportunity to sell a unique line of products will close for that store.  (Of course, our friends can order their supplies on line.)  Isn’t it worth it to the retailer to know who we are?  Who are friends are?  Maybe that retailer might want to provide us some incentive to connect our pickle ball playing friends to their store.  Is it just not worth the retailer’s efforts?

I know, I know, their web site is on their receipt.  But come on, doesn’t that take a lot for granted?  Right now I’m on the lookout for small or start-up retailers of any stripe who can tell me their story about a successful email marketing campaign that drove sales.  …repeat sales, referrals, add-on sales, anything.  I know email marketing has worked in the past.  I know it works today.  I know it will work in the future.  I suppose it won’t work for everyone.  But I know it works for a vast majority of businesses.

Download this 5 page PDF that explains the steps necessary to make email marketing work.  If I hear a good story, I’ll post it to my blog, my social networks, and also to my subscribers.  And hope that will drive some business their way.  Thank you for reading my note!

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