Loving Hugs in Uganda

Hugs were recently given to children in Uganda by U.S. Navy Reservist, LCDR Gil Canton. Of the Win-Win-Win experience of giving “Loving Hugs” to children in need, he shared this,

“Hi Wendy,

I’m glad you liked the singing; it was really quite something to see it in person as well.  What you do is not only good for the kids, it’s great for my people here on camp as well.  I had one Air Force SGT tell me, “That’s one of the greatest things I’ve done in the military!”  Another Navy HM1 told me that that was a “Lifetime experience.”  So you can see that for so many of us being away from our families and our own kids this sort of activity is good for the soul and morale!  Thank-you for what you do…
LCDR Gilbert Canton
OIC FOL Kasenyi, Uganda”


Hugs in Uganda

Loving Hugs in Uganda

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