Is Facebook worth it?

I read in the paper this morning that a lot of companies are having second thoughts about the value of advertising on Facebook.  At the same time I’ve been watching Mad Men on AMC.  I suspect that a lot of would-be intelligent advertisers get all their advertising education from watching TV or reading newspapers and magazines.  It doesn’t apply.  On-line media such as Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, blogging or broadcast email marketing requires permission.  It requires real communication.  It is a two-way one-on-one communication.  It must be genuine.  Interruption, in-your-face shouting just doesn’t work on line.  It really, really pisses people off.  It fact, I’m not sure anyone in their right mind would respond to such a push.  I got automated-recorded phone calls during the Republican primaries.  I hate those things!  Making politicians exempt from the rules of good taste won’t win them elections.  Applying the 1960s version of advertising to Facebook or any on-line media won’t work either.

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