Some thoughts on retirement…

My wife is retiring in a month or so.  I slipped into “semi-retirement” a couple years ago.  Have you thought about your retirement? My wife found a book about retirement that reminded her that she probably still has twenty or thirty years ahead of her and that she should plan for it.  We did all the financial stuff a long time ago and feel pretty comfortable about that part of retirement.  But now what?  We have developed a list of the things we like to do and have done in the past.  We developed a list of things we’d like to do in the future.  We even have a “bucket list” (though she doesn’t like to call it that) of places we would like to visit.


Of the people we know who are our age many have looked for part-time work to help keep them active.  Some have volunteered to be docents at the local museum, assistants at the local library, volunteers at the local hospital.  One retired doctor I know volunteers to help children learn to read.  I guess you can volunteer to help at the local grade school or high school.  All my life I had this vision of first making sure my finances were solid, then offering my services and talents to help others.


If you have kept up with me at all you know I found “Loving Hugs, Inc.” (See: ) It provides “hugs” in the form of stuffed toys to children around the world who otherwise live in a pretty brutal world.  A lifetime ago, in another world, I was to a much lesser degree just such a child.  I was in a home for boys for about a year and a half when I was in the 4th grade.  It was run by well-intended nuns who looked upon us and their work as the sacrifice they had to endure in order to go to heaven.  We felt it too.  There is no feeling on earth like feeling you are being endured.


My vocation and avocation these days is to help folks set up their email marketing program and teach them all I know from a decade of study and experience.  I found that I can do that for a modest fee and thus provide a service that capitalizes on my talents, while doing some good.  My marketing challenge is as always, to prove to others that I am worth the money and email marketing is not a “do-it-yourself-trial-and-error” project.  I have enough clients to keep me as busy as I want to be while giving me the time to do the things on my “bucket list.”  …and that works for me!

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