Toxic Levels of Discussions

I think I found a “burn out” factor in Linked In and Facebook Groups.  I call it “Toxic Levels of Discussions.”



One of the groups I was posting to in Linked In asked me not to start so many “commercial” discussions in their group.  I was thinking I was being generic enough about the topic ant anyone would like to hear about it.  (OK, all I ever talk about is broadcast email marketing, social networking, and blogging.)  Since the group was organized to discuss something else, I was off topic.

Well, of course, I don’t mean to offend, but my point is that I didn’t realize that I really was getting too thick on the group discussion board.  I realized that there was so little other activity in the group that my normal postings were filling the page.  Oooo.  Not good.  So I went through a deleted my discussions from the group I offended.  Then I went down the list of groups I belong to and found the same situation in a number of them.  So I deleted my postings in them also.

Now I’m looking for groups to join where my discussions about broadcast email marketing, social network marketing,, and blogging would be welcomed.

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