How’s Business?

How’s business? Someone asked me, “Why should I do broadcast email and why link it to the social networks?” The answer is: The broadcast email is used to carry on a conversation with your customers. The social networks allow them to introduce you to their networks. Your customers travel in their own circles and if you want them to help you market your products, you need to stay in touch. If you have the right relationship with them, they will forward your notes and product information to others who, like your customers, will want to buy from you. It’s not that complicated. The trick is how?

You remember Rule # 1? Rule # 1 is: They are subscribers. You can’t buy them. They must be folks you have worked with in the past or met through an association, or were referred to you. They are not strangers. Because of that relationship, the people you are sending your broadcast email to are already happy to receive them and read them.

Any questions so far?

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