Have you ever Forwarded?

FIRST NOTE: Have you ever forwarded an email of interest on to a friend or business colleague who might be interested in the same topic?

One of the basic values of internet marketing is the ease of “forwarding to a friend.” However, few marketers promote it. The “viral effect” that forwarding produces is proven. When we hear stories of things going “viral,” they normally have exposure way out of proportion to the original entry. Putting a handle on such an affect is the key to making a successful email campaign.

I read a white paper that pointed out an experiment one marketer conducted in which it offered a huge reward to a group to forward the message. They offered a lesser reward to a second group. Finally, they offered no reward to a third group. The results were that the groups with the big reward and the group with no reward at all were way out ahead of the group with the smaller reward when it came to who actually forwarded the message.

So the lesson to be learned: If your content is of value, than suggest to the readers to forward the note on to a likely “friend” who would appreciate it! It shows intelligence on the part of the forwarder by sharing the wisdom of the original note.

Ok, having said all that, would you forward this on to a half dozen or so of your friends and colleagues who might also be interested in improving their email marketing? Thanks!

SECOND NOTE: Have you ever used the “share” button and posted something you received to one of your social networks?

Have you notice, of late, that everywhere you go on the net you see the famous social network buttons and the “share” button? The idea is that if you like what you are reading and want to impress your “followers” or “friends” or “contacts” etc., you simply touch the button and forward it on. It shows your networks how up-to-date, clever, intelligent, or witty, you are.

Have you ever seen any copy in the email itself asking you to “share?” Why not? Isn’t that what the internet is all about? Why is such a simple thing like that so difficult?

So, before I go: would you share this and post it to your social networks? It will display how well read you are! …and of course it would make a “friend for life” out of me!

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“Understanding the modern media and communication techniques involved with it will take you out of the 1980s and into the 21st Century.”

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