How to get to 25 FACEBOOK Page “likes” and a vanity URL

How much fun is this?  A few days ago I was looking at my really cool Facebook page with only 9 “likes” on it.  It had been that way for quite some time and I didn’t know how to get more attention without buying ads.  So I went to every group I am a member of on Linked In.  I asked the question “What would it take for every member of the group to “like” the Facebook page of every other member?” I promised that if anyone “liked” my page, I’d “like” theirs.  Within a week I have more than 25 “likes” and can now go for a “vanity” URL.  How cool is that?

An even more significant result was that I was able to be connected with these folks on Linked In.  Finally, one of the best results was that these new friends were all great resources and prospects.  We are of like mind in our openness to communicate with the other members of the group.

It only worked with a couple of the 28 or more groups I belong to.  But, when it worked, it worked well.  Ho hum, some groups just won’t think in these terms.  But for the ones that do, it is great!

Now you can find me at:

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